"Can I sign up for all the weeks"

"will you please have more weeks!"

"all i hear about at home is arthur & ernie"

                 Quotes from Parents of our happy campers


  • Family owned
  • non-competitive
  • Trained counselors
  • love sharing our horses
  • a very happy herd
  • quiet atmosphere
  • our horses are  family
Donkey Days
Summer Camp

One Mitten Farm

Finding The Magic in ordinary days


Have your children experience fun summer days at One Mitten Farm !

Farm Residents

We believe each of our horses should be treated kindly and with respect.  There are a total of 9 equines.  A gypsy vanner mare, 2 gypsy fillies, mustang, quarter horse, mammoth mule and our loving donkey boys.

This year we are offering a 6 week course at our farm. Students from ages 5-12 are welcome to come learn about horses through farm chores, history, science, math, art, reading and writing.  

Donkey Days is a full day camp for kids 5-10.  We will have fun taking care of Arthur and Ernie,our two miniature donkeys.  Plus nature walks, arts and crafts, farm chores, games, dancing and cooking.