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 Field Trips for 

young students 

Lessons taught on the farm
    *Be mindful of your body, take a breath, be aware of the donkeys, walk calmly and quietly to them.
    *Animals depend on us for their food, water, shelter, health and love.
​     *Taking care of a farm is fun and hard work.
​     *Tasks are easier with friends.

One Mitten Farm Requirements     
1 adult for every 5 children
    Please wear boots
    Don’t climb fences or run towards the animals
    $2.00 per child, adults are free
​ Call or email to schedule your field trip.
Christie@onemittenfarm.com or 825-1182
Christie (owner of One Mitten Farm)

One Mitten Farm

Finding The Magic in ordinary days

Fieltrips for 3-10 year olds

                                    cleaning stalls

grooming horses, donkeys and a mule
 grooming and walking donkeys
 checking coop for chicken eggs
 caring for baby chicks
 feeding and caring for barn cats
 throwing hay
 sweeping barn
  filling troughs, measuring grain
  keeping the donkeys healthy 

fun times:
 driving the donkey cart
 rope tying, braiding, painting
    learning parts of the donkey
    tractor rides
    playing corn hole and horseshoes
    creating obstacle course for donkeys
    barn dance
    natural horsemanship
    fun in the hay loft